Over time, companies of all sizes encounter some form of organizational change. Whether buying a competitor, being acquired, or announcing an employee layoff. Effective communication and the fair treatment of employees are often deciding factors in the success or failure of any change initiative.

A reorganization will often give turbulence in an organization. Processes get disrupted, staff is uncertain and customers experience confusion. The loss of knowledge or turnover can be prevented by a good, phased rollout of a reorganization. With a well prepared and thought out change program does your organization stronger from a reorganization process.

RSB Management inspires and supports boards and management in changing organizations. We work for a wide range of industries, from strategic to operational level. RSB Management has a proven track record in the field of HR-related assignments in changing organizations.


Among the situations where RSB Management is appropriate:

  • Guiding a process of change (national and / or international)
  • When the new structure of an HR function / organization is yet to be clarified
  • To fill a vacancy while a search for a candidate is conducted
  • Covering long term absences

Without clear strategic and tactical direction, the HR function can lose focus quickly. RSB Management can provide an immediate, viable option.


That is why RSB Management is the right partner for you in a changing organization, both within national- and international programs.